Encouraging notes from SAES IX participants

CPD is grateful to all its
participants who joined the Ninth South Asia Economic Summit (SAES IX) for their
enthusiastic participation and intellectual contribution. Following the
organization of the SAES IX, CPD has received encouraging notes from the
participants of SAES IX. These are copied below.

From Dr Sreeradha Datta


Dear Fahmida and everyone at CPD


I would also like to convey my heartfelt thanks to all of you for not
only the conference invitation but making the entire conference so enjoyeable
and rich at the same time. The excellent and seamless arrangements for travel,
accommodation and entertainment were really wonderful. The youthful team led by
the seniors did a fabulous job.

I cherish the many interactions and discussions that I could engage in
with many of my old friends as well as with the new  acquaintances I made at
this forum. I and am sure all the participants will carry some very fulfilling
and happy memories. I always look forward to my continued association with CPD

Good luck and my best wishes to all of you.


Warm regards, Sreeradha

Sreeradha Datta (PhD)


Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIAS)

From Engr M A Jabbar


Dear Ms. Fahmida Khatun


We had a safe journey back home with memories and value addition of our
knowledge and understandings.

On my behalf and on behalf of other participants with whom I had
interactions, I can safely say that the event needs to be appreciated and take
care also requires to be registered with thanks. The event is for sure a success
for all of us as the days were productive and full of enriching with the
expressed knowledge by the resource person, chairing sessions, panelists and

I am greatful to CPD for providing the chance to update ourselves with
regard to circumstances surrounding the economic issue in the region.

Noted with thanks that the outcome document would be available during
the next couple of days and the same will be shared.

Preparing the volume is again a good idea required to be implemented.


With best regards

Engr M A Jabbar
Member Board of Governors SDPI
Honorary Consul General to Ukraine

From Dr Amita Batra


Many thanks Fahmida, for the excellent hospitality and intellectual
interactions…really appreciate you and everyone at CPD for SAES IX.


warm regards,

Amita Batra
Professor of Economics in the Centre for South Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

From Mr Rameshore Khanal


Dear Dr. Fahmida Khatun:

I’m home safely and back to work.

Everyone in CPD deserves high appreciation for the excellent conduct of
and arrangements made for the Summit.

Look forward to getting the final proceedings of the Summit.


Rameshore Khanal
Former Finance Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser to Prime Minister of

From Ambassador Shafqat Kakakhel


Dear Fahmida Khatun,

Thanks for your mail.

Having returned safely to my nest in Islamabad I wish to thank you and
all colleagues at CPD for organizing a highly successful session of SAES as well
as the excellent arrangements for stay and generous hospitality for which
BangladeshDesh is well known.

I benefitted greatly from the discussions at the SAES.It was an honour
to chair the session on climate change at which you were one of the panelists.I
hope the next session of SAES will pay greater attention to the multiple threats
posed by climate change which will increase the challenges to achieving SDGS and
the hopes of a “re-imagined South Asia”.At present there is a disconnect between
our economists and the subject of climate change which must be rectified.

Thanking you all once more for organizing  a truly memorable SAES 09.


Shafqat Kakakhel
Chair, Board of Governors, SDPI, Pakistan

From Ms Shobha Shrestha


Dear Madam,

Great to hear from you.

We all have reached home safely in Nepal.  I am writing an article on my
paper presented in the seminar.

I am trying to make a tv piece as well. May I request you for some
vidual footage of the first plenary session and my presentation from media part
for the news please.

You may forward me 1-3 minutes visual. I will greatly appreciate if you
could forward full footage of my presentation.



Shobha Shrestha
Senior News Editor/Presenter/Reporter, Nepal Television, Nepal

From Dr Saman Kelegama


Dear Mustafizur,

Congrats for the successful 9th SAES. You and your team did a wonderful

Thanks for all the arrangements and hospitality. The initial hic ups
were completely beyond your control and that of the CPD; so no problem.

I will see whether we could mobilize some funds to have a follow up
SACEPS seminar in Colombo around February.


Best wishes,


Dr Saman Kelegama
Executive Director, IPS, Sri Lanka

From Professor Sachin Chaturvedi


Dear Dr Fahmida,

Warm Greetings from RIS!

Congratulations once again for an excellent SAES. The 9th Summit has
further raised the bar on both the fronts of substance and hospitality enmeshed
in personal warmth and commitment of the Team CPD. Excellent outcome.

You are lucky to have leadership and support of Debuda, Mustafizurbhai
and Fatema.

Thanks to everyone in the team.


Warm regards

Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi
Director General
Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)

From Professor Sachin Chaturvedi


Warm Greetings and Congratulations to you Mustafizbhai. Your leadership
and ability to get the Team CPD move with you was extremely impressive and as I
said earlier, has pushed the bar further up. I was fortunate to be there. We
missed Abidbhai. I’m sure the think-tank community of South Asia would lead the
region for an integrated South Asia.

I need to catch up soon on the Springer series!!

Once again many thanks and personal regards



Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi
Director General
Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)
Core IV B 4th Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110003, India

From Dr Dilli Raj Khanal


Dear Fahmida,

Indeed it was a big opportunity to take part in the 9th SAES IX. The
entire arrangement by the CPD including hospitality was excellent and memorable.
I take this opportunity to sincerely thank CPD for organizing the Summit very
successfully. Look forward to seeing you next year in Kathmandu.


Thank you and regards,

D R Khanal

Dr Dilli Raj Khanal
Founder Chairman
Institute for Policy Research and Development (IPRAD), Nepal

From Mr Pramod Rijal


Dear Dr. Khatun,

Thank you so much for invitation and very warm hospitality. I thoroughly
enjoyed the summit and learned a lot from distinguished speakers. Additionally,
it was very good opportunity for making network among South Asian Community.


With Warm Regards,

Pramod Rijal
Economist, Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS), Nepal


From Dr Dushni Weerakoon


Dear Fahmida and CPD team,

Thank you for the wonderful arrangements to make our stay comfortable
and the warm hospitality extended to us. Enjoyed SAES IX.


Warm regards,


Dr Dushni Weerakoon
Deputy Director
Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS), Sri Lanka

From Dr Abraham George


Dear Dr. Fahmida Khatun,

Greetings from the Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance
(ISDG), Trivandrum, India.

Kindly accept my hearty congratulations to you and the CPD team for
successfully organizing the Ninth South Asia Economic Summit.

I consider it as a great privilege to attend the programme. The Summit
was a huge success in every respect. The standard of academic interaction and
the coverage of areas related to the theme have been excellent. Your hospitality
and all the arrangements were superb.

My special appreciation to you for your untiring spirit and excellent
leadership qualities.

Thank You very much.


With warm regards and best wishes,

Abraham George

Dr. Abraham George,
Director, Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance (ISDG),

From Mr Rinzin Wangchuk


Thank you for giving us an opportunity to attend the summit and able to
build network with experts in various fields. Kuensel, Bhutan’s leading
newspaper, also covered the event based on the recommendations of the SAE




Mr Rinzin Wangchuk
Editor, Kuensel Corporation Ltd., Bhutan

From Professor Deepak Nayyar


Dear Mustafizur

Many thanks for your message. I am touched by the warm words of

It was such a pity that I could not stay on even for the second day of
the SAES, let alone longer, because I had come to Dhaka after so many years. I
much appreciate your understanding and hospitality.

I attach the final version of my Statement at the Inaugural Session,
should you need it for your records. It was revised a little following
suggestions form Rehman but I forgot to send it to you.

Please do help us to revive SACEPS.


With regards


Professor Deepak Nayyar
Emeritus Professor of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

From Dr Abraham George


Dear Prof. Mustafizur Rahman,

Greetings from the Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance
(ISDG), Trivandrum, India.

Kindly accept my hearty congratulations to you and the CPD team for
successfully organizing the Ninth South Asia Economic Summit.

It was nice to meet you and interact with you at the SAES IX at Dhaka.

The Summit was a huge success in every respect. The standard of academic
interaction and the coverage of areas related to the theme have been excellent.
Your hospitality and all the arrangements were also superb.

My special appreciation to you for your excellent leadership qualities.

I am attaching herewith one of our recent publications on Development
Cooperation. Hope it will be interesting to you.


With warm regards and best wishes,

Abraham George

Dr. Abraham George,
Director, Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance (ISDG), India.

From Mr Christian Wagner


Dear Fahmida,


let me thank you and your team at CPD very much for the invitation to
the conference in Dhaka. It was really a very inspiring event with excellent
presentations and discussions.

I also enjoyed the many background conversations on the sidelines of the
event. It was an very good opportunity for me to come back to Bangladesh after
some time and to see the changes that have taken place.

I hope that we will have another opportunity to continue our


best wishes


Mr  Christian Wagner

Senior Fellow

German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin

From Mahendra P Lama


Dear Dr Khatun,


This is just to thank you and the entire team led by Prof Mustafizur for
such a grand and effective 9th SAES. It was engaging and more critically very
forward looking.

We are all impressed yet amazed too,  the precision with which the
entire event was conducted that led to a great finale. No one was given an
opportunity to make an iota of complaint, it was lucidly perfect event. CPD is
greatly privileged to have leadership of Prof Rehman Sobhan, Prof Debapriya and
Prof Mustafizur. Your own versatile contributions were so  clearly reflected in
the concluding session. The entire region has really pinned a high hope on CPD
and the team.

I have mentioned about the event in my regular column (attached) in
Kathmandu Post(Nepal’s no 1 English daily) published on 19th October. Please
find time to read the same.


Please convey my thanks and gratitude to all in the team including
behind the scene talented young support staff.

Please also convey my warmest personal regards to Prof Rehman Sobhan,
Prof Debapriya and Prof Mustafizur.


Best wishes

Mahendra P Lama

From Mr Ahmad Shah Mobariz


Dear Dr. Fahmida and colleagues at CPD,


Greetings from Kabul!

Many thanks for very well-arranged conference. It was really useful and
lots of good ideas came out. I am happy I was part of it. Looking forward to
receiving the brief from the conference.


Warm Regards,


Mr Ahmad Shah Mobariz,

Research Board Member, Porsesh Research and Studies Organization (PRSO)

Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Avicenna University (دانشگاه ابن سینا),

Kabul, Afghanistan

From Professor Arif A Waqif


Dear Prof Mustafizur, Debapriya, Fahmida, Fatema, and CPD colleagues,


I have thanked you all personally. But  I take this opportunity to say
once again how much I enjoyed and benefited intellectually and personally from
the academically stimulating sessions and the presentations, and most from the
very warm hospitality and humanly efficient arrangements for SAES.

If you happen to come to Hyderabad, do not forget to let me know.


Professor Arif A Waqif

Hon. Director, School of Management and Training (SMAT), Jawaharlal
Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies (JNIAS).

From Mr Nitya Nanda


Dear Fahmida and Friends of CPD,


It was great pleasure to be in the midst of wonderful people like you.
You all did a great job in a difficult situation.

While the leadership of CPD including you deserves a huge applaud, it
could not be possible without untiring efforts of the younger members of the CPD

Hope we will see a peaceful and prosperous South Asia in 2030 where we
all will be able to move around the entire region without any restriction.


Warm regards,

Mr Nitya Nanda


Centre for Global Agreements, Legislation and Trade (GALT)

Green Growth and Resource Efficiency Division


Editor, Journal of Resources, Energy and Development (JREaD)

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)


From Dr Simrit Kaur


Dear Organizers,


Many Thanks for a wonderful and stimulating SAES conference! It was a
perfect mix of session domains, participants, social gatherings and fabulous

Needless to say, I enjoyed the conference very much and sincerely
appreciate the painstaking work by all of you.

Also, many thanks for organizing the ‘saree’ exhibition at the premises.

Look forward to such fruitful interactions in future as well.


Thanks and Regards


Dr Simrit Kaur

Professor of Public Policy, University of Delhi, India

From Mr Nazir Kabiri


Dear Dr. Bhattacharya,


It was really nice meeting you in Dhaka in the sidelines of the SAES IX.
I enjoyed our talk, and we may hopefully remain in touch.


Kind Regards,

Mr Nazir Kabiri

Advisor to the Minister

Ministry of Finance

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan